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About Your Coach Garry Gould

Garry's Story

It’s taken Garry Gould 40+ years of corporate experience (two devastating lay-offs) and 8 years developing Rapid Transformation Results to be here with you today. It had to take that long for him to make enough mistakes… to find enough solutions… and to get enough results when it comes to transforming yourself and making the leap from being an employee to becoming as successful business owner at any age.

Garry has had incredible results helping people who lack experience, or feel they have left it too late to overcome their confidence issues and successfully launch their first business. If you were to say that he is an expert transformational coach, I would agree.

Out of all the people who try and pitch you on helping you to achieve the outcomes you want, 1 in 20 will actually be an expert coach.

The rest will be pretenders. Trying to cash in on this growing industry. But never having practiced what they preached and lacking the experience of the struggle to make radical personal changes at a late age when most give up. Experience which can solve your problems in an instant.

Even if you find one that has some results, he or she will maybe know how to do a part of the process, but they won’t have had to overcome so much and work so hard to make personal change so late in life.

They won’t have had to go through a self-esteem destroying lay-off at 63 and the struggle to get out of that emotional abys.

They won’t have perfected their expertise and programme through helping many overcome self-imposed mental and physical obstacles over a prolonged period of time.

This is what it takes. Because it’s hard out there. And that’s where Garry really makes a difference.

The true mentor creates their own programs. They sell their own programs. And they deliver their own programs.

Garry hasn’t just started a Facebook account and written “CEO of XYZ Coaching Company” in the profile. That’s what a lot of people do these days on the internet.

What you want is someone who can give you the full picture and be able to help you create the full result you are looking for with a guarantee and the unwavering support you need. Garry has walked the walk and understands how difficult it can be to get out of your own way, so you can make the changes you truly want.

Today Garry only lets the most suitable people into his programs. Again, this sort of experience is what will protect you too and help change your life dramatically.

Many people love what Garry does.

People like John and Debbie who lead stressful lives, each holding two jobs and juggling school and extracurricular activities of two teenagers, but who desperately wanted to find quality time together and time to start an online business to change their exhausting lifestyle. – Who achieved both goals through new time study and management skills and employing new techniques Garry taught them to manage their schedules and workload. Now they have a successful online Amazon business.

Or people like Carolyn who suffered a devastating lay-off which left her distraught, mentally broken and financially insecure – who achieved a new lifestyle after following her passion and becoming a professional photographer. A new plan to put her finances in order and some radically different strategies to rebuild self-esteem and her daily routine were all it took.

People like the Larsons who struggled to find self-confidence and organizational skills to start online businesses due to a hectic family life and seemingly unsurmountable time constraints and limiting beliefs – who each started their own business, one a body therapy practice and the other an online coaching business.

These people have certain characteristics. They’re hard working. They don’t make excuses. They’re coachable. And they’re committed to transforming their lives.

So, if you have some or all of these qualities, then Garry knows how to get you to the outcome you want.

Garry offers you complete transparency, as someone who helps his students LIVE weekly, answering every question that comes their way.

Garry has a string of tools that you can use to get to where you want to go. Which means you can overcome any obstacle and create the lifestyle and fulfillment you truly desire.

And everything also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so there’s no risk to you.

So, rest assured, no matter what others promise you, when it comes to creating the results you really want, Garry’s set-by-step programme will get you there faster and with all the support you need. And if it doesn’t, then it won’t cost you a cent.

Best of all, everything is made simple to understand and you work at a pace that suits you. 


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