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About Your Coach Garry Gould

Garry's Story

It’s taken Garry Gould 40+ years of corporate experience (two devastating lay-offs) and 8 years developing Rapid Transformation Results to be here with you today. It had to take that long for him to make enough mistakes… to find enough solutions… and to get enough results when it comes to transforming yourself ...

The Job Market Problem

The problem is there have been a lot of dramatic changes to the current job market which have been exacerbated by the recent pandemic. 

A lot of ambitious nine-to-fivers, have decided to take the plunge and start their own online home-based business to escape the insecurity and uncertainty provided by the current ...

My Pledge To You

My purpose is to faithfully support and empower others to realize they can confidently overcome any of life’s challenges, so that they are determined to break-through and create the fulfilling life they deserve.