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Assess how you self-sabotage

This brilliant gentleman is Shirzad Chamine, he is a psychologist and neuroscientist and the author of the New York Times bestselling book “Positive Intelligence”

Shirzad has lectured on Positive Intelligence at Stanford University and has trained faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools.

Positive intelligence is a methodology he has devised to assess how we each self-sabotage in our daily lives and how this affects our performance and prevents us from reaching our full potential. 

Any one of the ten saboteurs can have a dramatic effect on our achievements, but a combination of several saboteurs can have a devastating effect on our results and outcomes. 

The problem is most of us don't realize we self-sabotage and therefore can't identify which saboteurs are negatively influencing our thoughts and actions.

Take a quick 10 minute assessment to discover your saboteurs

Follow these simple instructions:

1). Click on the link below and follow the simple instructions exactly to complete the assessment

Positive Intelligence Assessment Link 

2). You will receive the results of your assessment by email. Forward a copy of that email to [email protected]

3). Click on the appointments tab in the above menu and set up a FREE strategy call so that we can explain and interpret your results

4). Bring your results to the appointment

5). If you would like to see what percent of the time your saboteurs are working in your favour (your PQ score) you may also do this additional quick assessment

Positive intelligence PQ score

I look forward to helping you identify your saboteurs and their influence on your thoughts, actions and outcomes.


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