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Starting a business is an exciting venture, but it's crucial not to overlook one critical factor: YOURSELF

As a first-time solopreneur, the transition from a structured 9-to-5 work environment to being your own boss can be overwhelming. Many entrepreneurs fail to prepare mentally for this challenging role, leading to the wrong mindset for business, limiting beliefs, and undisciplined habits that affect their business decisions and risks. The same "baggage" that has held them back in the past will follow them into their business.

But fear not! Rapid Transformation Results (RTR) is here to help you conquer those inner demons, empowering you to take confident risks and make sound decisions. RTR boosts your confidence and self-esteem, equipping you to tackle the hurdles and challenges of running your business with ease.

Say goodbye to wasted efforts, embarrassing mistakes, and unhappy customers. RTR guides you through inspiring exercises that lead you to the perfect business choice – one that aligns with your skills, passions, and desires for ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment.

With RTR's proven system, you'll bid farewell to procrastination and self-sabotage, embracing incredible productivity and timely goal achievement. You'll be equipped with the habits, time management, and prioritization skills of a seasoned entrepreneur.

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey with RTR – where transformation is rapid, success is within reach, and your dreams become a flourishing reality!

You will have unlimited and exclusive access to the RTR website. The programme is divided into 5 modules you will work through sequentially. A workbook will be provided for you to record each exercise you do. Each module will have a series of videos you can watch at your leisure and replay as many times as is necessary for you to fully understand the material before moving on to the next video.

RTR is designed to suit every lifestyle and schedule. You can work at your own pace. If you put in enough time and effort the course can be completed in a matter of weeks. Yes, you can have a new confident identity and have your ideal business ready to launch that quickly. How quickly you finish will be dependent on your schedule and how much time you can devote to finishing the modules. If you can put aside a good amount of time to concentrate on RTR you can finish in as little as 8 weeks, otherwise your finish time will be proportionate to the time you alot and your effort. Either way I will be here to support you throughout your life-changing journey.

There will be various methods to get the support you need. 

1. You have an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask and get the answer for any questions you ask. No question is too small. You can support and receive support from the fellow members of the group as well. The group is also where you can share your accomplishments and ah-ha moments.

2. There are a certain number of one-on-one meetings you can have with Garry to overcome your biggest challenges.

3. There will be a weekly Q & A session where you can ask any questions you wish and provide feedback on your progress. This is also the opportunity to benefit from the mastermind experience as the coach and members discuss exciting and challenging topics.

4. You can write to the support team at [email protected] and get a quick response if you do not want to wait for the next Q & A session. 

Absolutely! You will have exclusive access to the members forum for at least 12 months. Here you will be able to:

- ask any questions

- provide feedback on the course and make suggestions

- offer advice you think other members will benefit from

- share your accomplishments

- share your success stories

- share the positive impact the exercises have had on you

- Network with and befriend like-minded entrepreneurs  

There are both one-time and extended payment options available. The current options and your preferred payment method can be discussed at enrollment. The least expensive option will be the one-time payment.

You are expected to bring unwavering enthusiasm and positivity. You provide the determination and consistency of effort and RTR will provide all the knowledge and support necessary for you to start your business and achieve your goals. You will overcome your demons and build your confidence and self-esteem so you can fearlessly get your ideal business up and running in as little as 12 weeks. 

You will receive a Certificate of Completion once you have completed all the modules and you have had your final one-on-one call.


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