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All You Need To Know About The Amazing Impact Of Transformational Coaching

"That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well" - Abraham Lincoln

Transformational coaching is all about enabling Self-Actualization although the term is widely misused to describe any change as a result of personal development.

Transformational coaching takes a deep dive into a person’s psyche, focusing on who that person really is and whom they dream of becoming.

Most coaching is concerned with learning to do things in a different way while remaining in the existing state of being.

Transformational coaching attempts to shift and expand the way of being to achieve new more meaningful results. It seeks to take a person to a higher plane, to a more elevated state of self-awareness and consciousness. Transformational coaching asks, “Who do I choose to become and how do I have to grow to embody that new person”?

Transformational coaching seeks to give greater meaning to your life by defining your ultimate purpose. It enables you to shed all the constraints, fears and misbeliefs you have acquired since childhood and release a new you, fashioned after your true essence and desires as a contributing human being. It reminds us we can be in control of our destiny if we take the time to design our life rather than leaving it to the whims of fate or our employer.

I help my clients through this approach primarily in three specific areas, customized to meet their unique needs:

1). I help people who want to start a business but lack the mindset, confidence and organizational ability. I help them overcome all the baggage that has prevented them from reaching their full potential in the past and help them choose an ideal business suited to their values, skills and aspirations.

2). I work with people going through a mid-life crisis or awakening to create a new vision for their lives and find their purpose to take their life to the next level. When, in frustration, they ask, “Is this all there is to life?” I assist them to find an answer that is more fulfilling and meaningful and make the transition to a new more rewarding lifestyle.

3). I also help people who already have an established business but are not getting the results they want and feel like they have lost their way. My programs make it possible for them to find a new path and renew their confidence to get the business back on track and achieve the results and fulfilment they want.



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