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Why Transformational Coaching?

To change your life you have to change yourself. To change yourself you have to change your mindset.

Transformational coaching is all about enabling Self-Actualization although the term is widely mis-used to describe any change as a result of personal development.

 Transformational coaching takes a deep dive into a person’s psyche, focusing on who that person really is and who they want to become.

Most coaching is concerned with learning to do things in a different way while remaining in the existing way of being.

 Transformational coaching attempts to shift and expand the way of being to achieve its results. It seeks to take a person to a higher plane, to a more elevated state of self-awareness and consciousness. 

Transformational coaching asks the question “Who do I chose to become and how do I have to grow to embody that new person”? It enables you to shed all the constraints and misbeliefs you have acquired since childhood and release a new you fashioned after your true essence and desires as a contributing human being.


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